2021 Kennel Sponsorship Project

At Home At Last Humane Society, every year, our greatest challenge is covering the costs of sheltering, feeding and caring for the animals we serve.

We seek grants, collect bottles and cans, and appeal for donations all year round to cover these expenses.
But the costs just keep growing.

Kennel Sponsors are the heroes who help bridge gaps in our funding and keep us on track.

Corporations. Small businesses. Families. Individuals. Everyone is invited to sponsor a kennel!

Help us reach our 2021 goals:

  • 75 sponsors
  • $45,000 raised or pledged
  • By September 1, 2021

Become a kennel sponsor today and earn:

  • A plaque honoring you, your business, a loved one or pet
  • A photo of a pet being sheltered in your kennel
  • A thank you on social media
  • Your name on our website’s kennel sponsor list
  • Your name in our annual impact report of $500+ donors
  • A tax-deductible contribution
  • The gratitude of our community
Click here to sponsor a kennel!