3 men rescued from overturned boat

I would like to note the excellent life saving work done by Deputy Wells, Deputy Leroue, Deputy Kegley, Inter-tribe Officer Cook and other first responders and medics. 

Just shortly after 0100 hours on May 2nd, 2021, 911 Dispatch advised Deputy Wells of an emergency call of an overturned boat with three males in the water, near the mouth of the Klickitat River, on the Columbia River.  Deputy Leroue went to the area first to get “eyes on ” the three males in the water. 

He was able to locate the headlamps of the three Tribal fishermen and helped deputies with directions to their location.  Deputy Leroue was also instrumental in helping Deputy Wells and Deputy Kegley  launch our patrol boat.  Deputy Wells, Deputy Keglay and Inter-tribe Officer Cook were in the boat and Officer Cook helped deputies to motor the vessel to the three males in the water. 

The wind was blowing pretty strong and the waves were crashing over the front of our patrol vessel.  The Officers on board helped me around fishing buoys and nets in the pitch black night and Officer Cook helped us guide around known locations of fishing nets in the water and around the sand bars. 

Once they reached the fishermen in the water, Deputy Kegley masterfully operated our vessel around the overturned boat with the three fishermen clinging to the overturned boat.  Officer Cook and Deputy Wells used a throw rope to retrieve the cold fishermen and pulled them aboard our vessel where they had warm blankets waiting for them. Deputy Kegley then motored  back to the boat ramp in the dark, with Officer Cook and Deputy Wells guiding him with flashlights.

The medics and first responders were waiting on shore for the near hypothermic fishermen.  They were seen by medics and cleared with no injuries.  The quick responses by all helped to save three lives.  As Sheriff, I am so proud of the outstanding work of all those involved in saving the life of these three men.  This is what law enforcement work is all about.

The three individuals that were rescued are:  (1)  William Frank Slockish age 35 years from Wishram, Wa., (2)  Alexis R. Anguiano age 31 years from Klickitat County and (3)  Jordan W. Jackson age 33 years, from Klickitat County.