National Public Health Week April 5-11

National Public Health Week is April 5-11, and serves as a time to recognize the contributions of public health agencies toward making communities safe and healthy.

The work of public health agencies has gained a higher profile since the COVID-19 pandemic began, and it continues with the unprecedented effort of mounting a nationwide vaccine campaign.

“Working to vaccinate as many people as possible has been both the most challenging and the most rewarding work of our careers,” said Shellie Campbell, Interim Director for North Central Public Health District.

And, even as NCPHD works with its valued community partners on public outreach and coordination of vaccine efforts, she said, the everyday work of the health district continues.

Though the health district has shifted much of its effort to COVID response, it continues to offer outdoor nurse visits, a walk-in clinic for reproductive health, the WIC nutrition program, and environmental health services that help protect drinking water and ensure the safety of local dining establishments.

The health district also provide school nursing services and programs around emergency preparedness and tobacco education.

This year, the theme of National Public Health Week is Building Bridges to Better Health.

The pandemic’s toll has highlighted the disproportionate impact felt by minority communities, both in access to healthcare and in working and living environments that make people more vulnerable to the disease.

A key focus of National Health Week this year is advancing racial equity, as well as looking at climate justice, uplifting mental health and wellness and elevating the essential and health workforce.

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