Wilted flowers and an ashtray: The worst Valentine’s Day gifts ever received

For the forgetful and/or romantically-challenged, Valentine’s Day is February 14, which is just 13 days away. 

With that in mind, Dating.com surveyed its users to find out the worst gifts they’ve ever gotten for that special day, and other relationship landmines you’d be wise to avoid. 

Some 78% have received gifts they didn’t enjoy, according to the non-scientific poll, so perhaps put some thought into your giving this year.  Or at the very least, don’t give your significant other any of these gifts, which people say they’ve received — probably from someone who’s now an “ex.”: 

  • Wilted flowers
  • A bag of unopened assorted Halloween candy
  • An open bottle of wine/liquor
  • Valentine’s Day-themed socks
  • A picture frame with no picture in it
  • A pet hamster
  • An online workout subscription
  • An ashtray
  • A used gift card
  • An old VHS movie

That said, there are some other gifts that aren’t quite as terrible, but which Dating.com’s relationship experts — or just common sense — say you shouldn’t give.

An “engagement-style” ring: “The only time you should get your partner a ring that looks like an engagement ring is when you are proposing,” the site suggests. “An engagement ring…should only be given when you are ready to take that next step.”

Perfume/cologne that your ex used to wear: There’s a chance he or she won’t find out you’re clinging to an olfactory ghosts of relationships past, but trust you’re not going to enjoy that scene if they do.

A pet: While getting a pet together could be a significant step in a relationship, they’re also not to be given lightly. They’re a years-long commitment, and in the case of a reptile, one that could conceivably outlive you. Either way, while dating can be casual, being a pet parent shouldn’t be.