Go-Big Show is “big action, big danger, big talent” and maybe a “contact high” for Jennifer Nettles

Tonight, Jennifer Nettles sits side-by-side with fellow celebrity judges Snoop Dogg, actress Rosario Dawson, and wrestler Cody Rhodes, for the premiere of TBS’ new extreme talent competition, Go-Big Show.

Make no mistake — this is not American IdolThe Voice, or even America’s Got Talent.

“I immediately was drawn to how different this show is,” Jennifer tells ABC Audio. “Obviously, we’ve seen a ton of talent competition shows. Most of them are performing-arts-based, singing and dancing, and this show is everything except that — to the extreme.”

“It’s like extreme motor sports,” she explains, “extreme body manipulation, extreme animals, extreme sports trick shots. It’s completely adrenalized.”

The Sugarland singer and actress calls it “big action… big danger… big talent” in the tradition of daredevils like Evel Knievel and shows like That’s Incredible, but says it’s the contestants with “big heart” that really spoke to her.

“There is Andrew S., who does a fantastic, like, crazy-wild part-martial-arts, part-side-show — I’ll call it body manipulation — that really, really knocked me out,” she recalls. “Curtis Downs — BMX, amazing, amazing stunt-Nitro-circus kid, does the whole thing — he blew me away.”

Since Jennifer’s hanging out with Snoop, it seems she might’ve had the chance to have a little “fun” with the cannabis enthusiast.

“This whole show was a contact high,” she laughs. “If it wasn’t the adrenaline from the stage, it was sitting next to Snoop. High and hilarity all the time!”

“So a lot of fun…” she continues. “I’ll keep it PG for the families because this is a show for everybody. But yeah, he definitely brought his authentic self to the show in all the ways.” (AUDIO IS ABC 1-ON-1)

Go-Big Show premieres tonight at 9 p.m. ET on TBS, with the winner taking home $100,000.