NCPHD Does Not Support Immediate Reopening of All Oregon Businesses

At this time North Central Public Health District (NCPHD) does not support the immediate reopening of all Oregon businesses (with no restrictions).

Wasco County currently has a rate of 325 COVID-19 cases/10,000 population, higher than the rates in Multnomah, Clatsop or Yamhill counties. Our local hospital reported 2 COVID-related deaths in the past week, and currently there are 4 individuals hospitalized due to COVID-19.

We anticipate an increase in cases over the next 2 weeks similar to the increase after the Thanksgiving holiday, putting additional stress on our local health care system.

We do see the availability of COVID-19 vaccines as a very large step in controlling the pandemic, and report that two long-term care facilities in Wasco County were able to vaccinate residents and staff on December 27, with additional facilities and our local hospital having that capacity in the upcoming weeks. We sincerely hope that local businesses will soon be able to operate safely at their normal capacity.

The loss of income is clearly a terrible strain on individuals and businesses, so as much as there can be financial remedies to rectify the situation; NCPHD is in favor of those types of short term solutions.

We encourage residents to show support for local businesses by ordering takeout meals, buying gift cards from local establishments, or visiting the online outlets of local businesses.

(For more information, contact the Public Health District at (541) 506-2600 or visit us on the web at or