Woman charges out of grocery store with over $350 in beer: “Somebody’s Christmas party is gonna be lit”

Police are scratching their heads with this one.  A Louisiana woman was caught on security footage loading up her shopping cart with cases of beer and rolled right out of the store without paying.

WLOX reports that the incident happened over the Thanksgiving holiday at a Rouses Supermarket in Gonzales, Louisiana.

Security footage caught the beer-napper shoving $357.20 worth of Michelob Ultra into her cart and calmly making her way toward the door.

She then is filmed tossing her haul into a Lincoln MKX crossover and peeling out of the parking lot.

Police posted the footage on social media to ask for tips in identifying this mysterious beer-thief and, thankfully, the internet pulled through.

“Thanks to everyone for pointing us in her direction! We appreciate it,” the local PD announced.

Meanwhile, the beer heist has been the butt of many jokes, with one person cracking, “Now I don’t condone stealing but that seems like the appropriate amount of alcohol needed to get over this year.”

That person also pointed out that their upcoming Christmas holiday, should they not deplete their haul, “should be lit.”