Weekly cases, hospitalizations set new pandemic highs

OHA’s COVID-19 weekly report released today, set new pandemic highs for daily cases and hospitalizations.

OHA reported 8,687 new daily cases during the week of Monday, Nov. 16 through Sunday, Nov. 22, a 34 percent increase over the previous record-high week.

Weekly hospitalizations from COVID-19 rose to 366, a 26 percent increase and the highest weekly yet reported in the pandemic.

There were 61 reported COVID-19 reported deaths, nearly doubling the previous week’s total of 31.

People aged 20 to 49 have accounted for 55 percent of the cases, while people 70 and older have accounted for 74 percent of the deaths.

During the week of Nov. 15 to Nov. 21, 129,564 COVID-19 tests were administered. The percentage of positive tests was 7.2 percent.

Previously, OHA used a “person-based” method. OHA is now using a “test-based” method, whereby all electronic lab reports received by OHA will be used to calculate percent positivity. This change was prompted by changes in testing patterns.