The Dalles City Council recap 11/23

The Dalles City Council met last night by Zoom and handled a number of housekeeping measures. Two items were of special interest to local residents. Councilors did approve a modest rate increase for The Dalles Disposal’s garbage service inside the city. Waste Connections regional manager Jim Winterbottom explained how the 1.45 percent increase translates into monthly bills:

 “A customer with a 32-gallon can here in town is going to see an increase of 27 cents a month, or less than 7 cents a pickup. If a customer has a larger rollcart on wheels, they’re going to see an increase of 39 cents a month, or 9 cents per pickup, and a traditional dumpster behind a restaurant or convenience mart picked up once a week is going to see an increase of $1.44 per month or 33 cents per pickup.”

Several councilors commented favorably on the high quality of service,  the modest size of the increase and the friendly nature of the employees.

And Mayor Rich Mays noted that he had attended a League of Oregon Cities Zoom meeting that day and that representatives of the governor’s office said they were considering a change from the one-size-fits-all Covid restrictions after the current two-week freeze expires next week on December Second:

“The governor’s office is seriously considering — effective December third — going on a county by county basis. They have four categories of counties – ones that are at the extreme risk: highly populated counties like Multomah and Clakamas and Washington County. Then wht they call the next step up would be a high risk county and then they have a moderate risk county and then a lower county. So all counties in Oregon would be classified under one of those four, and each of these four have different degrees of restrictions for virtually every segment of society that you can think of.”

Lightly populated counties, particularly in Eastern Oregon, have chafed under statewide mandates that treat all counties and cities the same.