Louisiana Traffic Offender Rescued From Bayou After Trying To Escape Police

HOUMA, La. (AP) — It’s no surprise if a person calls police when they see someone commit an offense. But in this case, it was a suspect who decided to call police — when his escape plan got, well, all wet. Narcotics agents were patrolling a neighborhood in the Louisiana town of Houma last week when they saw a driver commit a traffic violation. When the agents tried to pull the car over, it sped away. Eventually police say the driver jumped out of the vehicle — and leaped into a bayou. He didn’t get far. When his efforts to swim away faltered, he called for the officers who were chasing him — to come save him. The suspect was pulled from the water — and hauled into jail. He’s identified as 25-year-old Keith Myers — and faces several charges, including fleeing from an officer.