Flagstone Senior Living COVID-19 Outbreak Update

Late last week, Flagstone Senior Living in The Dalles, which has contended with a COVID-19 outbreak that began in mid-September, completed a second consecutive week of having all residents and staff test negative for COVID-19.

Once an outbreak occurs in a long term care facility, Oregon Health Authority rules require that all residents and staff who tested negative are re-tested weekly. That has to continue until there are two consecutive weeks of all negative results.

Having reached that milestone, weekly testing of Flagstone residents is no longer required.

While resident testing is no longer mandated as part of the outbreak response, ongoing testing of staff is required for all long term care facilities in Oregon. Facilities are required to test all employees each month.

Late last week, residents also began returning to Flagstone’s memory care unit.

The outbreaks at Flagstone occurred in its assisted living and memory care units. Ultimately, all 30 residents in memory care got COVID, and sadly, 12 have died.

At the height of the outbreak, the memory care residents were moved to other facilities that specialized in caring for COVID patients.

Outbreaks are declared over when two incubation periods have passed after the onset of symptoms in the last reported case. For COVID-19, this time frame is 28 days. The last case at Flagstone was reported on Oct. 1.

State officials caution that outbreaks that appear to be quelled can become resurgent.

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