Wasco County Planning responds to concerns about changes to comprehensive plan

The bulk of the Wasco County Commissioners’ October 21meeting was taken up with a response to a public hearing held the previous meeting on two ordinances that make major updates to the county’s comprehensive land use plan. At that meeting several people were upset at what they perceived as new restrictions on some properties due to changes in the maps showing big game winter range. Kelly Hawsley Glover, long-range planner for the Wasco County Planning Department said the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Department had made the changes to the identified winter range back in 2012, and the county had been making land use decisions relying on that information since then, but hadn’t gone through the formal ordinance process required to make the change in the county’s maps until now. You can listen to her detailed response to this and other concerns by clicking the grey podcast bar below and follow along with the slides she presented
Yesterday was the first reading of the pair of ordinances, which will have a second reading at the next meeting and will be voted on at that time.