High speed chase ends with arrest

On October 18, 2020 the Klickitat County Sheriff’s Office was notified of a high speed pursuit that the Washington State Patrol was in.  The pursuit was eventually terminated due to the erratic driving and safety of the public while on Canyon Road.  

A while later the same vehicle was reported as being involved in a collision by going into the ditch.  A four-wheeler was seen helping the driver unload items from the vehicle.  As Reserve Deputy Tim Hardin arrived the four-wheeler fled from the area.  While checking the area a witness advised law enforcement that the driver, later identified as Trevor Melton, 29, was hiding in a house on Mccarthy Road.  

Law enforcement responded to the address, which is located north of Lyle, and determined that Melton was inside the residence.  Melton refused to come out and give himself up.  The renter of the residence assisted in trying to get Melton to come out of the house.  Melton still refused.  It was determined that Melton had barricaded himself into the bathroom.

Deputy Gaven Marble arrived with K9 Profi to assist.  Several commands were given telling Melton to give himself up or he would be bit by Profi.  Melton yelled obscenities back to him.  At one point Melton yelled that he “always has his gun”.  Melton was given one more opportunity to give himself up and Melton yelled obscenities.  K9 Profi was released and Melton was bit.  Melton was arrested.  

A firearm was later found inside the residence.