Inmate, Deputy tests positive for COVID-19

On October 10th, 2020, we received notification that an inmate incarcerated at the Klickitat County Jail had a positive test for COVIP-19. This person was initially arrested four (4) days prior and had been isolated since the arrest.

The inmate remains quarantined and monitored by staff and the Klickitat County Health Department. At no time was the inmate exposed to other inmates in our facility, limiting future positive tests’ risk.

Klickitat County Health Department was in immediate contact with the jail to review our procedures and facilitate the inmate’s continuity of care and establish testing for the jail staff as required.

Following the recommendation of the Klickitat County Health Department, Corrections Deputies were tested for COVID-19. One of our Corrections Deputies tested positive for COVID-19 and was immediately quarantined. The Corrections Deputy remains quarantined and will return to work when cleared by the Klickitat County Health Department.

The Klickitat County Jail was well prepared for this event. At the beginning of the pandemic, we set procedures for intaking new arrests. All new arrests are screened in the vehicle sallyport prior to entering into the facility, including a temperature check and routine questions. Once the inmate is in the booking area, two different medical screenings are done, including a COVID-19 screening form that was provided by the Department of Health.

Inmates are isolated from the general population for a period of time, and they are rotated into the population. All individuals are provided with masks to wear during their stay. We also provide them with sanitizing spray to use during the day to encourage a safe and clean environment. They are provided with soap for handwashing.

We have worked in conjunction with the Klickitat County Health Department since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. We immediately set procedures in place to monitor all new arrests and monitor our staff. Fortunately, we were able to secure many cleaning supplies, including bleach and hospital-grade sanitizing sprays at the beginning of the pandemic, which has proved beneficial when the country is in short supply. Personal Protective Equipment was purchased and obtained through various resources available.

The Klickitat County Jail will continue to adhere to our stringent intake policy and procedures for incoming inmates. We will also continue to monitor inmates and deputies as well as all support staff. The Klickitat County Sheriff’s Office will continue to comply with the Klickitat County Health Department’s guidance.