Oregon Health Authority COVID-19 Updates

The following updates come to us from The Dalles Chamber of Commerce.

1) The Oregon Health Authority has updated the Reopening Guidance Tool to help different business operation understand the status and applicable guidance for operations. 

2) Oregon OSHA’s temporary COVID-19 Rule will be adopted 10/21 and got into effect 11/1.– links to the OR-OSHA temporary rule and appendices below: o   Temporary Oregon OSHA COVID-19 Rule (Oct. 13, 2020) – https://osha.oregon.gov/rules/advisory/infectiousdisease/Documents/Oregon-OSHA-Draft-COVID-19-Rule-Oct-13-2020.pdf 

o   Appendix A: Workplace Guidance for Specific Industries/Workplace Activities – https://osha.oregon.gov/rules/advisory/infectiousdisease/Documents/Oregon-OSHA-Draft-COVID-19-Mandatory-Appendix-A-Oct-13-2020.pdf 

o   Appendix B: Workplace Guidance for the Use of Filtering Facepiece Respirators – https://osha.oregon.gov/rules/advisory/infectiousdisease/Documents/Oregon-OSHA-Draft-COVID-19-Mandatory-Appendix-B-Oct-13-2020.pdf

Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns and we will do our best to assist you!