Eastern Oregon Legislators Zoom Town Hall 10/14

The three Eastern Oregon legislators – Daniel Bonham, Mark Owens and Lynn Findley – held their 8th Eastern Oregon Zoom town hall last night. They touched on a number of topics, including what they felt was a subpar job by the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. Senator Findley had this to say:

“It’s absolutely unacceptable that somebody has to drive 150 miles one way to take a driving test. It’s absolutely unacceptable that they have to drive another 140 miles another way to take a written test. This is just baffling to me and hopefully we’ll have better answers in the future.”

Rep. Bonham, whose 59th district includes Wasco County west of Highway 197, singled out a different concern:

“The governor has threatened calling us back into special session in November, which is an absolute terrible idea, with folks that will be retiring, folks that potentially will have just lost races showing up and making decisions. It’s just the absolute wrong time and wrong thing to do.”

The legislators took questions about schools, OSHA, and the state’s emergency board 

And Senator Findley had a message for district residents:

“Encourage your friends and neighbors to vote; encourage your family to vote; you know that voter apathy is the biggest thing we are facing, and I would encourage everyone to get out there and vote, vote, vote.”

Ballots were mailed yesterday and should start showing up in mailboxes today.