Rash of Car Prowls in The Dalles

A rash of car prowls has been plaguing The Dalles lately. Yesterdayā€¯s police report noted thieves cut through the fence at The Dalles Disposal and stole radios and gas cards from three trucks. Three vehicles at North Wasco County School District had their catalytic converters stolen, one person reported someone smashed his vehicles with a rock and several items were taken, and there were several other reports of unlocked vehicles entered and items taken. 

The main reason that catalytic converters are stolen is because they’re valuable to scrap metal dealers. They contain precious metals, including rhodium, platinum, and palladium. All cars made after 1974 are required to have them. Thieves are particularly interested in those from larger vehicles because they have larger converters and they have higher ground clearance, which makes it easier to get at and quicker to steal.