Forest Service Prescribed Burn

If you see smoke in the east Gorge today or the next couple of days, it will probably be from a prescribed burn by the Forest Service, as National Scenic Area Manager Lynn Burditt told a meeting of the Wasco County Commission this morning.

“We’ll be doing a prescribed fire later today across from Mosier in the Tracy Hill area, and then depending on conditions, there are a couple of units over near Courtney Road. Wanted to make sure I mentioned that to this group because the smoke usually dissipates by the time it gets to Lyle or over the river but if you get questions, you might be aware of that. And part of this is to help create the potential fire break should we ever get a fire started low on that hillside. So we did get the approval this morning so if conditions are appropriate on the ground. That will be later today, possibly tomorrow and Friday.”