The Dalles City Council rules on Proposed Development

The Dalles City Council met last night in a special session to conclude a hearing on a proposed subdivision on the east side of The Dalles. That subdivision, which would add 80 new residences on former orchard land west of Richmond street, was approved by the city planning commission after four meetings despite opposition from local neighborhood residents. Last night, in a third lengthy session of The Dalles City Council, councilors voted unanimously to uphold an an appeal by local residents to deny the application.

City Councilor Rod Runyon made the motion.    “Move to tentatively uphold the appeal APL-031-020, reverse the Planning Commission’s decision approving issue B74-19, directing staff to prepare an order with findings consistent with the council’s decision and continue the hearing to a date certain fore final adoption of the order September 14, 2020 at 5:30 pm.”

Though two council members originally indicated that they would support the subdivision, in the end, all voted in  favor of local citizens who opposed the development.  

Councilor Runyon added. “The traffic safety analysis, in my opinion, is incomplete.”

A few other councilors sited safety issues were a concern.

City staff will prepare a formal denial of the appeal to be voted on at the September 14 city council meeting.