Herrera Beutler: Voting to protect mail delivery & urging additional small business relief

On Saturday, the U.S. House met to vote on legislation to shore up the post office, which I supported. I’ve consistently taken action in Congress to make sure mail delivery is timely and reliable for Southwest Washington residents. 

However, it’s unacceptable that while members of Congress were in D.C., action was not taken to extend the now-expired Paycheck Protection Program — a lifeline for small businesses and employees in Southwest Washington. Unemployment benefits also expired weeks ago but weren’t addressed

Last week, I formally urged congressional leaders to immediately reconvene Congress to extend the Paycheck Protection Program and to resume negotiations on a COVID-relief package that can pass the Senate and earn the president’s signature. 

Congress must get its act together and extend the emergency assistance which have kept our communities afloat for the past 5 months.

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