Learn about Popular Conservation Practices through USDA Video Series

PORTLAND, Ore., August 5, 2020 —

The USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service unveiled the Conservation at Work video series in early 2020. The series consists of short videos that highlight common conservation practices being implemented around the country.

The videos shine the spotlight on farmers, ranchers and forestland owners from across the U.S. who tell us their conservation stories, and how practices are helping them protect and improve resources and save time and money.

“By sharing the conservation successes of our customers, we hope the videos will help educate our customers and the general public and motivate more farmers and landowners to consider conservation,” said Oregon NRCS State Conservationist Ron Alvarado.

Several videos from the series highlight projects in Oregon, including the installation of a grade stabilization structure to improve water quality and fish habitat, as well as water managements improvements, including sprinkler systems, a pumping station and pond.

The Conservation at Work video series can be found on YouTube and farmers.gov/conserve/ConservationAtWork.