Listen: Wasco County Commission meeting 08 05 20

Wasco County Commissioners met yesterday and heard from North Central Public health physician, Mimi McDonell. She said that she’s received information from the state about what requirements would be have to be met to allow students in classrooms when school starts:

“Our county, so, Wasco County, would have to meet, for three weeks in a row, the case rate being less than or equal to 10 cases per hundred thousand per week, test positivity 5 percent for three weeks in a row, and then for the state, the test positivity would have to be less than or equal to 5 percent in the preceding 7 days.”  

McDonell told commissioners that both the county goals and the overall state goal would have to be met before schools could offer in-person teaching.

Superintendents of the North Wasco, South Wasco and Dufur school districts also spoke. Here’s what North Wasco County Superintendent Theresa Peters had to say:

“We, too, have been planning on a hybrid setting for instruction for the school year. We gathered input from parents in June. We also assessed all of our facilities and the instructional spaces and the the spaces that we could utilize as instructional spaces to see what we could do within the parameters of the guidance and so even if we have the metrics to be on site, we would only be able to be on site two days a week because of the limitations with our student numbers and our classroom sizes.”  

 She added that, at this point, it’s very likely that the district will start the school year with distance learning as the model.  

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