The Dalles City Council Meeting recap 7/27

The Dalles City Council met online last night. There were two action items and one discussion item on the agenda. One action item was a housekeeping resolution to approve the Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988 in order to qualify for federal block grants, which passed unanimously.  

The other was to approve a five-year tax abatement for a new firm that plans to set up shop in The Dalles.  Worldwide Structures Property Company LLC is currently based in Monterey, California and will build a 35,000 square foot plant in the port district to construct kits to build affordable homes. The President and CEO, Craig Novak, told councilors that theirs is a Native American and veteran-owned business that would ship all over the Northwest for homes to be assembled on site.

Novak said “We have a training center that will train contractors that are building our buildings remotely, and our factory employees will be packaging these structures, similar to an Ikea package product. So it’s a flat package product building that is assembled on site.” 

Novak added the homes would be affordable, but not flimsy. He said they come with a insulation R rating of 37, which is three times that of most homes.

The new business would employ approximately 50 workers.

In the discussion item on the agenda, councilors looked at a proposal to create a downtown plaza on Federal Street between First and Second Street, on the block that currently houses the veterans service office. Councilors said they wanted to gather more information before taking on a new project, and asked to see the additional information at a meeting in September.