Herman Creek Trailhead is Scheduled to Close Temporarily to Address Public Safety Concerns

HOOD RIVER, Ore. — July 23, 2020 — The Herman Creek Trailhead will be temporarily closed to all members of the public for several weeks beginning July 28th  to address public safety concerns while crews work on removing hazardous trees within the Herman Creek Horse Camp which has been closed for laminated root rot.

Laminated root rot is the most damaging root disease of forest trees in Oregon and Washington and one of the most hazardous to people and property in developed sites such as campgrounds and trailheads. Infected trees may appear outwardly healthy but are often unstable and can fall without warning. The removal of hazard trees infected with laminated root rot is necessary for the re-opening of the campground and to prevent the spread of root rot to adjacent areas. Treatment plans for the campground include the removal of infected and susceptible host trees, which is considered by forest pathologists as the most effective way to eliminate laminated root rot from developed sites such as these.

The Herman Creek Trailhead is adjacent to the Horse Camp and provides access to the Mark 0. Hatfield Wilderness, Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail, Herman Creek Trail, Gorge 400 Trail, and several additional National Forest System trails.