Fiber Optic Cable build in The Dalles

Track Utilities, LLC has acquired a CenturyLink project to place some underground and aerial fiber optic cable. This fiber build starts at 6th Pl then turns and goes down Court St.

  • Start date will be on 7/27/20 thru 7/28/20. This work only consists of placing some underground cable in existing conduit and placing 2 spans of aerial cable.
  • Tentative start date 7/27/20. We will take the road at 1pm and end at 5pm. If this job extends over to 7/28/20 the start time will be at 7am to 12pm.
  • No alternate route is needed. Flaggers will be moving traffic through work zone. Any emergency vehicles coming through the work zone will automatically have the right of way. Please keep in mind that this will be a moving operation.
  • Crew and Flaggers will be monitoring traffic and pedestrians to insure that our work zone is safe for the workers, traffic, and pedestrians.