Columbia Gateway Urban Renewal Agency board meeting 7/21

The Columbia Gateway Urban Renewal Agency board met last night, and voted to transfer title to the Granada Theater to Chuck Gomez and Debra Liddel, who signed the contract to buy and refurbish the structure. Though there are a couple to items yet to go, members of the board who did a walk-through of the theater said the couple had gone way beyond what anyone would have expected. The agency decided not to meet in August, but will spend time at their September meeting discussing goals for the agency. One of them would be the long-awaited Mill Creek greenway project. Scott Baker of Northern Wasco Parks and Rec District said the project would be divided into what he called “three manageable chunks.

“This chunk I am going to present tonight is what we call Segment 2. Segment1 would be from the Riverfront Trail to West Second. Segment 2 takes us from West Second to West Sixth Street. We started with this section because it has strong standalone value, being in the riparian area of Mill Creek.It’s just a beautiful section. Additionally, it’s all under Park District ownership, which just makes the project easier in that we don’t have to go get easements and other things. And also it was going to be the most expensive and challenging section to construct. and so I thought that if we could start with this section, get it done, it would lend a lot of momentum to this project and eventually bring this Mill Creek dream to fruition.”