Road Work in The Dalles

Track Utilities LLC has acquired a CenturyLink project to place some underground and aerial fiber optic cable in The Dalles. This fiber build starts at Court & 4th St and goes down 10th and stops at Emerson St. The section going down 10th St is placing aerial cable. Below is some information about the job.

  • Start date will be on 7/21/20 thru 7/24/20. Work may extend past this date.
  • Starting on 7/21/20 we will take the road at 9am and end at 5pm. From 7/22/20 thru 7/24/20 we will take the road from 7am-5pm
  • No alternate route is needed. Flaggers will be moving traffic through work zone. Please keep in mind that this will be a moving operation.
  • Crew and Flaggers will be monitoring traffic and pedestrians to insure that our work zone is safe for the workers, traffic, and pedestrians.