Listen or Watch: Goldendale City Council 07 20 2020

The Goldendale City Council met last night. It was a short meeting, barely over 20 minutes and with a bare quorum of four council members present, Police Chief Reggie Bartkowski wasn’t present, but fire chief Noah Halm reported they had received 122 fire calls since January 1 and were concerned as fire season dangers grew.

With the fiscal and calendar year both half over, City Administrator Larry Bellamy reported most sources of revenue had not dropped significantly, and,so far, spending for the city of Goldendale were in good shape:

“Overall, I’d say we are looking pretty good,” he said,”with a few minor exceptions. I’m happy where we are sitting nt he moment with regard to our finances on the revenue side and on the expenditure side.

Mayor Mike Canon reported that Klickitat County had applied to go to Phase 3, but that out of the 8 counties that did so,seven of them were told to do more work, including Klickitat County:

“COVID spikes are beginning to happen in different states at different intensity,” Canon said, “and probably within the next two to three weeks we’ll start seeing that spike start up again in Washington State.”

Mayor Canon urged people to follow the rules, maintain social distancing, wash hands thoroughly and often, and to wear masks:

“We need to get really serious about this” he told he council. “I know we have a very healthy crop of conspiracy theorists, but they just need to shut up, get out of the way and go on and let us get this done.”

In other actions, council members approved the second reading and passed updated ordinances involving critical areas and flood damage prevention.

To hear the complete meeting, click on the grey podcast bar belwo:

Video courtesy of Nancy Kusky of Goldendale TV. Don’t forget to Subscribe to her Youtube channel.