Klickitat EOC: Adapting to Change

Media Release
July 20, 2020, at 12:00 PM
Adapting to Change

KLICKITAT COUNTY – The Klickitat County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) has been hard at work since its activation on March 4th. The EOC and the Public Health Department (PHD) have been working in Unified Command since the beginning, due to the significant amount of information, tasks, updates and public messaging that was needed on a daily basis. After four and a half months, things have begun to calm down as we settle into our ‘new normal’. We are making some changes to adapt to the current times and to ensure that we are able to continue to operate efficiently and effectively, as long as the need is present.

One change that has been made is that public messaging in regards to case activity, and public health matters specifically, will now come directly from the PHD. They have been providing data on their webpage since the beginning and that will continue. If you have questions or concerns in regards to case activity or public health matters, please reach out to their department directly. The PHD has been working closely with many state agencies to get updated information on positive cases. They are also responsible for the contact tracing and public outreach to all affected parties. We ask that if you are contacted by them that you cooperate to help the process move forward. Informing the public about possible exposure is extremely important to their health and to the rest of the community’s health. So far, our community members have been very understanding and helpful in the process and that is very much appreciated.

The EOC will continue operating the logistics that come with a pandemic like this. We are continuing to work with the state and our local healthcare agencies to ensure that our community has an adequate supply of PPE on hand. We are also keeping up with current information coming out on trends, issues, safety measures and reports on studies that are being done throughout the U.S. We will continue to share those with you and provide as much information to continue to keep our residents safe.

You can always keep up to date on information by going directly to the resources that are provided below. We appreciate all of our residents who have been going through this pandemic with us. It has not been easy for individuals, businesses, schools or anyone else during these uncharted times. Over the next few weeks we ask you to please continue to take all safety precautions as the case activity has continued to increase as peoples’ activity levels, both personally and professionally, continue to increase. In order to be able to stay in Phase 2; or, even move into Phase 3; and see more of our businesses open we need to take all precautions possible to limit the spread in our community. Keep working together and show your support for your fellow residents by protecting their safety through the following protective measures:

  • Engage in physical distancing of at least six feet (non-household members)
  • Wear face coverings in public places
  • Wash hands frequently with soap and water
  • Cover coughs and sneezes
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands
  • Disinfect surfaces and objects regularly
  • Avoid crowded locations, be flexible, go back when the crowd disperses
  • Stay home if sick
  • Avoid others who are sick

Be a Part of the Solution

Klickitat County Public Health- klickitatcounty.org/1187/COVID-19

Klickitat County 911 Dispatch- klickitatcounty.org/249/Emergency-Management

Washington State Coronavirus Page- coronavirus.wa.gov

WA Department of Health Dashboard-d oh.wa.gov/Emergencies/NovelCoronavirusOutbreak2020COVID19/DataDashboard

Klickitat Valley Health- kvhealth.net/index.php/kvh/pages/covid-19-response

Skyline Health- myskylinehealth.org/about-us/covid-19-coronovirus-response/

Northshore Medical- northshore-medical.com/

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  1. I see very few people wearing masks! What is Goldendale doing to remedy this so us who are health compromised can leave our homes and BUY FOOD without being yelled at and being shredded towards for doing the right thing for our Safety? It’s Rediculous And Pathetic what we have to go through just to get a Food!!! People here are Assholes to us Mask wearers and I’m tired of being abused!

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