OSPIRG suggests Morrow, Sherman and Wasco Counties Shut Down due to COVID-19

The Oregon State Public Interest Research Group put out a report of Oregon Counties that are not doing well against the COVID-19 Virus. It suggests that Morrow, Sherman and Wasco Counties shut down for two weeks to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Hood River and Gilliam Counties maintain their current Phase status. Click on the link to download the report.

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  1. This is total retaliation against the conservative counties. Brown knows any lockdown now of those counties will be CATASTROPHIC for the wheat harvest, and that’s exactly why she’s doing it.

    The State itself won’t suffer when MCP goes out of business and half the local framers go bankrupt. Killing businesses seen as “conservative” are one of the primary goals of the false virus panic.

    It’s about Big Agro, because once the local families are ruined and their land worthless, major international brands and corps will snatch up the land, push the 5th-and 6th-generation farmers into the cities, and bring lots and lots of money to Brown’s pockets, as well as the pockets of her fellow sleaze.

    There’s no one sick here, no one infected, it’s all a lie meant to destroy the local farmers. DO NOT LET THEM DO IT.

    This is a call to action. If you care about your local farm, your way of life in any way, then do not permit any lockdowns, and do not submit to any order you feel is unlawful. Those are your rights as a citizen, and so it’s not illegal for you to behave in this way.

    Resist, protest, and do not obey. This is where the line is drawn.

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