COVID case record in OR, Brown says school won’t be ‘normal’

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — The Oregon Health Authority has reported 437 new confirmed COVID-19 cases – the highest daily count in the state since the beginning of the outbreak – as Gov. Kate Brown said children will not have a “normal year” when school resumes. Authorities on Thursday also reported two more deaths, bringing the total coronavirus fatalities in Oregon to at least 437. In a statement on education Brown said most students are in districts that will focus on online learning or a hybrid that limits in-person classroom time. Health officials say the increasing outbreaks in the state are from social gatherings like birthdays, weddings and holidays as well as worksite outbreaks and cases from long term care facilities.

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  1. This is just more of the same lies from Brown and propaganda support from the media.

    There is NO RECORD in cases. That is a LIE.

    Look at our stats, at OHA’s site. Not only are tests decreasing but also “cases” as well, both following the same downward trend nearing ZERO.

    The only thing not normal in Oregon is the existence of Kate Brown. She is an unhinged lunatic, completely out of touch with reality. It’s as if she’s watching news coverage from an alternate reality where the virus has killed tens of thousands of Oregonians.

    In reality, the 2018 flu season was twice a lethal and infected thousands more.

    In 2018 car crashes in Oregon killed twice as many as the virus and injured 30,000 more people.

    Brown claiming anything about the virus should be ignored. She lives in a crazy land where one death somehow equals thousands and any cause of death besides the virus doesn’t even exist.

    500,000 Americans died last year. From smoking.

    Let’s not be lunatics like Brown.

    Open schools. Open everything. Ignore the ravings of the crazy lady in Salem. She speaks only for herself and only to her own hallucinations.

    We in reality know that life has no reason to not go on as usual.

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