Wasco County Commission meeting recap 7/15

Wasco County Commissioners met yesterday online in a busy session that saw commissioners approve several agreements. The session began with some good news from North Central Public Health District physician Dr. Mimi McDonell:

“Cherry season is winding down. A huge thanks to Orchardist’s and all who were supporting them. I think they just did an amazing job of looking after the workers, and you know that work continues. We’re not quite done, but we’re very close to that. We did have cases, but not a massive outbreak. It wasn’t perfect, but it was certainly better than it could have been, so I think we should be really proud of all the work that people did”

Forest Service Director Lynn Burditt reported on what she called a big upsurge in recreational activities:

“The Lyle spit saw more parking than they’ve experienced overhand the county’s going to be doing some ‘No Parking’ signs. It’s definitely an indicator and you’re probably seeing it with the winds. The kiters and windsurfers are out and about. The one other thing I thought I’d mention — it’s down in Hood River County but the Herman Creek trailhead, we’ll be closing it temporarily. We’ve been working to get a root rot problem dealt with at the campground for a number of years and we do have a vegetation contract and they’re gonna get ready to do that work/ So we’ll be temporarily closing the trailhead, which the good part is, hopefully, within a year or so, we’ll be able to reopen the campground in the future.”

Among the agreements approved by the commissioners was an annual USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection agreement, an agreement with DEQ to end the current practice of dumping recyclables into the landfill and resume recycling in August, and an agreement with the State of Oregon for a $43,000 grant to help the county develop a base map system for property taxes.

They also approved an agreement with Hood River County, as Wasco County Sheriff Lane Magill explained:

“Last year Wasco County, the Sheriff’s Office, we had no marine patrol program basically, just due to personnel, equipment, stuff like that – so we contracted with Hood River County Sheriff’s Office and their marine department to assist us. Well, this year, they’re in the same jam we’re in — short on personnel and processes and different things that happened down there. Well, now they’re asking for our help to go down and help them patrol some of their waterways when they get really, really busy. So basically, what you have before you is the MOU we did last year except we just flip-flopped everything and put Hood River County Sheriff’s Office instead of Wasco County Sheriff’s Office. That’s what it really is in a nutshell.” 

Commissioners also voted on a new 5-year enterprise zone application from Worldwide Structures Property Company LLC, which proposes to build a new 35,000 square foot facility in the Port district to “modify building materials, assemble all components of a completed home and some commercial structures, and ship the building to its site.”

To listen to the meeting, click on the grey podcast bars below:

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