Pause for phased reopening extended through July 28

OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — Washington Gov. Jay Inslee says that the statewide pause for counties looking to advance from their current stage of economic reopening will continue though at least July 28. The pause _ implemented earlier this month _ was originally intended to be in place for two weeks for the state’s 39 counties, which are in various phases of a four-stage economic reopening plan. But Inslee said that rising case counts mean there is a “significant risk” that parts of the economy may have be closed again if the current trends don’t change.

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  1. The Freedom Foundation succeeded in stopping the overcount of deaths, yet even the CDC won’t stop doing it.

    The CDC openly says on its website that the total count of infected now included non-covid cases, as they put it, CID, or “pneumonia, influenza or COVID-19” deaths.

    They’re counting anyone who’s sick, basically, as a covid death.
    The Freedom Foundation in Washington just successfully used the courts to force the state to stop counting deaths as virus deaths unless they have a positive virus test.

    It’s all a lie, and you’ve bought it to your own detriment. Ignore Inslee, ignore his edicts, they have no basis in law or even justice, and use absolutely zero science.

    I realize the only person who’ll even read this is possibly the comment moderator here, as most folks in this area know there’s basically no point in discussion because the government and media just do whatever they want anyway. We get that they intend to take this to the breaking point and beyond. The goal is total destruction.

    But I do hope whoever does read this actually has a functioning mind and an authentic set of ethics. This lockdown, these masks, this allowing violent protests, hurts us all, even the radio stations. They are helping the government destroy themselves. Soon only government-owned media will exist, and this station’s staff will be replaced with non-local transgender people of color who only vote progressive.

    It’s already happened at every newspaper in the state, even the East Oregonian is full-on liberal/progressive and that’s NOT the viewpoint of the citizens it reports upon.

    Get with it now, GNC, because soon the very government you’re openly assisting will be the same ones who show you the door.

    This is OUR state, OUR country. And we WILL take direct action to eliminate the domestic threat that is Jay Inslee and his evil sister Kate Brown.

    GNC, you’re either with us or against us.

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