Masks outside part of new Oregon COVID-19 safety measures

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has announced two new statewide COVID-19 safety mandates  — a ban on indoor social gatherings of more than 10 people and a requirement that people wear face coverings outside if they can not socially distance. The  rules announced Monday emerge as the state’s coronavirus case count continues to escalate. Oregon reported more cases last week than it did during the entire month of May. As of Sunday, Oregon has had a total of 12,170 confirmed coronavirus cases and the death toll reached 234. Recent projections by the Oregon Health Authority predict the estimated number of new daily, confirmed infections could reach up to to 3,600 in the coming weeks.  

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  1. LIES. The state is required, under the CDC guidelines, to report all “suspected” cases as “confirmed” cases.

    So the total count is NOT confirmed cases, but rather the total of suspected cases and positive tests.

    The tests are completely useless, as their inventor has gone on record repeatedly, saying that his test should NEVER be used for diagnosis as it is extremely prone to false positives, to the tune of about 80%. The best tests are only about 50% accurate according to even the CDC.

    And finally, it’s admitted by OSHA and the CDC and even OHA that masks reduce your oxygen intake to a dangerous level, that induces blood clots and impedes your immune system as well as your thinking ability.
    Masks make you sicker, less able to think, and can kill you with blood clots.

    300K people a year die of blood clots in the US. Masks cause a 50% increase in blood clotting. Covid causes blood clots.

    Do the math: masks kill covid patients.

    Forcing someone to wear a mask is assault. You have the right to defend yourself against assault.

    I choose by refusing to wear a mask, ever, and if you don’t like that, feel free to attempt to have me jailed over it. Due to the virus, I’ll be bailed immediately and since there’s no jobs, any fines would impose cruel and unusual punishment, unbefitting of the crime.

    You’ll have to pass a law and even then it’ll be tied up in courts forever and even then anyone it jails or harms will have the right to sue for those damages.

    And everyone, on both sides, has railed for decades against the burkha, and how forcing someone to cover their face for any reason is a terrible crime against humanity. I don’t hear your defense of human rights anymore, which means you never cared about life, only being disruptive to make yourself feel better (because you hate yourself and can’t admit it).

    Give up this mask garbage. It’ll never end well for anyone, especially YOU.

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