Recreational Boaters Invited to Comment on Cycle Two Boating Facility Grant Applications

For the first time in the 50-year history of the Marine Board’s Boating Facility Grant Program, the public now has an opportunity to weigh in on where they’d like to see their boating dollars invested. Marine Board staff wants to provide an opportunity for the public to comment directly to the agency and to create more public involvement in how the Board awards grant dollars.

Applications for Cycle 2 motorized and non-motorized funding closed July 1. These are the first applications to be considered for non-motorized boating access and education grants with Waterway Access Permit revenue. In 2019, the Oregon Legislature approved SB 47, creating a dedicated account for non-motorized boating access, where boaters who operate boats 10 feet long or longer are required to purchase and carry a Waterway Access Permit. The revenue helps fund two programs: AIS Prevention Program (co-managed by the Marine Board and ODFW) and Boating Facility Grant Program; a competitive process for eligible applicants. Boating facility grant funding can be used to improve facilities by adding car parking spaces, non-motorized boat launches, restrooms, low-freeboard docks, and more. Grant funding is also available to tribal governments and public and non-profit entities for boating safety education/equipment in underserved communities.

There’s nearly $900,000 in (motorized and nonmotorized) Cycle Two grant revenue available with 19 applications, requesting nearly $1.5 million, for a total project value of more than $2.5 million. The deadline to review applications and provide comments is August 7. Comments will be reviewed and shared with the Marine Board prior to a special August 27 Board meeting to consider the grants.

Visit the Boating Facility Grant Application Comment Page to view applications and provide comments.