Department of Forestry Reminds Public of Current Fire Prevention Restrictions

[Prineville, Ore.]  Regulated-Use Closure for lands protected by Oregon Department of Forestry’s (ODF) Central Oregon District went into effect July 1, 2020.  These restrictions are intended to limit activities which have an increased potential of starting fires.  Current fuel conditions in the District are likely to result in a rapidly spreading fire from activities such as a spark from a lawnmower blade on rock.  Under the Regulated-Use Closure activities are prohibited or restricted to timeframes when there is increased humidity rather than the hottest and driest times of the day. 

Recent human caused fires on both ODF protection and partner agencies cause concern for fire managers as fuels continue to cure.  It is critical that the public is mindful of their activities and follow all fire prevention restrictions.  All open burning, including campfires is prohibited on ODF protected lands in the Central Oregon District.  As well as use of tracer ammunition and exploding targets.  The full proclamation describing the restrictions is available at

Those traveling in forested areas need to have a fire extinguisher and shovel in case they come upon a fire, and they should report all fires to 911 or a local dispatch center even if they believe they have contained the fire.  While traveling and recreating in the woods, do not leave gravel roadways and never park in grassy areas where hot vehicle parts can come in contact with vegetation.

Prevention measures can vary among agencies, however it is the responsibility of the user to know the rules and restrictions.  Know Before You Go!  Also be aware that some landowners have additional restrictions you may be required to follow.     

ODF’s Central Oregon District continues to serve landowners and the public as an essential service for Oregonians.  Please call or email to talk with our staff or schedule an appointment.  For additional information on ODF’s Central Oregon District, including contact information and unit offices, please visit