Inslee: Trump threats on reopening schools ‘hogwash’

OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — Washington Gov. Jay Inslee says President Donald Trump’s comments earlier this week pressuring governors to open the schools in the fall were “hogwash” and he said the state will not be bullied into making potentially unsafe decisions during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Trump has argued that some states are keeping schools closed not because of the risks from COVID-19 but for political reasons and he threatened to hold back federal money if school districts didn’t bring back students in the fall. Inslee said that he is meeting with state schools Superintendent Chris Reykdal next week to discuss how schools will approach fall instruction.

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  1. Inslee and his ilk made this a political issue from the very start. Trump, despite being a terrible person and totally untrustworthy, is merely playing Inslee’s established game.

    Inslee politicized the virus and so that’s the game he wants to play. Too bad it’s a game he can never win, but sadly he cannot see that obvious fact.

    This is what happens, Inslee, when you inflict such pain, suffering, and death upon people. We push back. We get our bully President to show you how it feels for you to bully us with your masks, lockdowns, cruelty.

    You on the left seem to want a civil war so badly, but the joke’s on you: 100% of the violence over the last 4 months has been entirely your doing. History will remember this, forever. You’ve already fired the first shots, and as the cause of such war you’ll be history’s villains.

    There will be no statues for you after your passing, only unmarked graves. I realize that’s what you have in mind for us, so I only request one thing in response: you first.

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