Oregon reports 168 new, confirmed virus cases; no new deaths

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — Oregon authorities have reported 168 new confirmed coronavirus cases on Monday , bringing the state to 10,395 known cases. Oregon Public Broadcasting reports most new cases were in the Portland metro area. The Oregon Health Authority didn’t report any new coronavirus-related deaths. The number of people confirmed to have died from the virus in Oregon is 215.

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  1. This could not be better news. No deaths, few infections.

    Yet Brown is “alarmed.” So, is she basically sitting in a news black hole where no one told her the pandemic never hit Oregon and that the rest of the country has few deaths? Doctors from the states with “overwhelmed” hospitals are screaming as loud as possible right now to drown out the fear-propaganda from the MSM who’s claiming that there’s a “surge.”

    There is NO surge, and the “cases” are literally just anyone in the hospital for any reason who also happened to have a positive virus test. And since the hospitals finally opened up to patients again, a wave of people who didn’t get any medical care for the last 4 months are rushing to get treated finally.

    There’s NO surge, NO new deaths, and still we’re 4,000 cases lower than the last flu season, and with 530 flu deaths previously, we’ve not even halved that with cv deaths.

    Also, Oregon had 59% of deaths in nursing homes, so in 99% of Oregon’s population, only 86 deaths “confirmed” to be from CV.

    This is not a crisis, it’s not even a pandemic here, and there’s zero reason for Brown to be “alarmed” at anything.

    And of course, this in NO way can even slightly justify the mask mandate. It’s unfounded, unneeded, and clearly has an intent other than public health.

    It’s about compliance, not safety, and Brown even gone on public record admitting this exactly.

    She must be removed from office immediately.

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