4 new virus deaths, confirmed cases in Oregon near 10,000

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Authorities confirmed four new COVID-19 deaths in Oregon and 303 new confirmed cases Saturday, putting the state’s total number of confirmed cases at 9,930. The four new casualties bring Oregon’s COVID-19 death toll to 213. KOIN reports three of the four latest people to die from the virus had underlying medical conditions. It was not confirmed if underlying medical conditions played a role in the other death — an 86-year-old woman from Lincoln County, according to the Oregon Health Authority.

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  1. This is false reporting.

    The “confirmed” cases are literally just the number of positive tests, which even the MSM says are at best 50% accurate.

    On top of this, Oregon admits 59% of its deaths have been in nursing homes, NOT the general community, who makes up more 99% of the population.
    So in the 99% of Oregon’s population, we’ve had maybe 60 deaths.

    If you support the lockdowns, masks, or any reaction to corona in any way, you are not just ignorant but dangerously so.

    GNC, shame on you for this outright lie. It will not be forgotten.

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