Second Metro bus driver dies of COVID-19 in Seattle

SEATTLE (AP) — A public transportation agency in Washington state says a second Metro bus driver has died from complications related to COVID-19.King County Metro Transit said 71-year-old Mike Winkler died June 17 after several weeks fighting the virus. His domestic partner Karla Mestl said he contracted COVID-19 in March.  The Seattle Times reported that Winkler drove buses for 32 years, mainly working in Shoreline. Another Metro driver, 59-year-old Samina Hameed, died in April. A spokesperson says the Metro has gradually implemented more safety measures and drivers should expect higher-grade KN-95 masks within one to two weeks.

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  1. This was reported primarily to “justify” mask wearing on public transit. The UK already mandates this insane rule, and we’re next.

    Even though deaths are almost gone in the US and the “surge” in cases hasn’t actually been real, they’re re-locking and re-instating masks and distancing and angrily threatening shutdowns.

    Hello? Even basic math shows that 99% of people who get it will have little to no issues. We have numerous treatments that can be given at home and keep people out of the hospital.

    There’s NO problem anymore with the virus, it’s over, completely over and the only reason we’re hearing about “surges” or new “deaths” is that Inslee, Brown, et. al. know the virus didn’t affect us hard enough to justify the lockdowns and pain, so they’re got only “new” cases to scare us with.

    It’s not going to work, because we know the truth and those who don’t will just hide at home anyway. The rest of us are simply going to resume normal life and the Governors can issue every last “mandate” they want– because their crapping all over law enforcement will remove their tool of authority.

    No cops means no enforcement. No enforcement means the law has no power. Ignore these laws, cops, and we’ll not just re-fund you but give you raises!!

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