Oregon thought it had controlled COVID-19, then came surge

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — Coronavirus numbers are surging and stretching into small Oregon communities that at the start of June had had few confirmed cases. The Oregon Health Authority said Thursday there were 375 additional confirmed and presumptive cases of the coronavirus statewide. The previous record was 281 cases. Over the past month, the case count more than doubled – surpassing 9,000. While the case count has been increasing across the state, authorities say there have been significant increases in rural counties.  And they worry heading into the holiday weekend about family and friends gathering for parties

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  1. Fear propaganda.

    Everyone knows this “surge” isn’t in actual sick people but just in extra tests.

    The state of Oregon and the Media are LYING to you.

    And one quick note, low O2 increases your risk of dangerous blood clots, look it up on sciencedaily . com. Two year old science.

    Athletes us N95 masks to simulate high altitude, because they cause low O2.

    So wearing a mask puts you at increased risk of a lethal blood clot.

    Therefore, masks are a risk to your life.


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