Selah city lawyer: Family could be prosecuted for chalk art

SELAH, Wash. (AP) — A city attorney in a small town near Yakima says a family who put Black Lives Matter chalk art on their street could face prosecution if they do it again. The Yakima Herald-Republic reports in a letter to Laura Perez’s attorney, Selah City Attorney Rob Case said using chalk to draw on a public street constitutes gross misdemeanor malicious mischief. Perez says her lawyer is reviewing Case’s letter. Starting June 7, each time Perez’s family and others drew Black Lives Matter chalk art on the street, a city crew has washed it away. The city has seen protests since City Administrator Don Wayman described Black Lives Matter supporters as “devoid of intellect and reason.”

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  1. I live here, our City Administrator disparaged dozens of the people who pay his salary:
    Don Wayman called Black Lives Matter a “neo-Marxist organization” and described its supporters as “devoid of intellect and reason,”

    Our Mayor still supports him. We need more voices to help her see the light. Please contact her at City Hall:
    Or her restaurants:
    Kings Row 509 697-8384
    Magic’s Pizza Shack 509 697-4441
    or online.

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