Oregon governor blasts state troopers for not wearing masks

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — Oregon’s governor denounced four state troopers who were seen on video without face masks in a coffee shop, saying such behavior was “inexcusable.” Under an order from Democratic Gov. Kate Brown, people statewide are required to wear a face covering in indoor public spaces to slow the mounting spread of the coronavirus. Oregonian/OregonLive reported Thursday that an Oregon State Police trooper had entered the coffee shop in Corvallis on Wednesday and directed an expletive at the governor as he and three other troopers rejected requests by an assistant manager to wear a mask. One of the troopers has been placed on administrative leave pending an internal investigation. 


  1. Facts:
    Mask=low blood O2
    Low blood O2=blood clotting
    COVID-19=blood clotting
    2x blood clotting=hospitalization

  2. Brown, your behavior regarding the virus is the only inexcusable action. And choosing the cops to make an example of to scare people into complying with your illegal and cruel mask demands is pathetic.

    Pick someone who it takes courage to attack. Or is it, Brown, that you are a bully and an abuser who takes great pleasure in hurting Oregonians?

    Yes, Brown the glee with which you abuse those opposed to you and the pleasure you openly derive from human suffering are why you have no business even being around other humans. That you are a Governor means that there is no government anymore, only a gang of vicious thugs who can’t stop hurting other people.

    I know, Kate. You’re miserable. And that’s why you’re doing this to us. You just can’t stand seeing another person smile or be happy or free. You want us unable to even express emotion, brutally depressed over our ruined lives, and locked in our homes with muzzles on.

    Recall, detain, arrest, lock up, or merely ostracize Brown.

    If you want a future of any kind, it’s the only option, Oregon.

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