Wasco County Commissioners Meeting recap 7/01

Wasco County Commissioners met online in their regularly scheduled meeting yesterday. As always, one of the key items under discussion was the pandemic, specifically Governor Kate Brown’s requirement that statewide, everyone who is in an enclosed public space should wear a mask. North Central Health District’s medical officer, Mimi McDonell had this report:

“In terms of compliance on an individual level, there will not be any tickets given out; there are no face covering police out there. If there are businesses, however, that continue to ignore those rules and are out of compliance, businesses that public health regulates, for example, public restaurants, public health does have the authority to do things like fines. And then other businesses that we do not have regulatory authority over  — for example, grocery stores — then you’re going to look to OSHA and other governing bodies.”

She also outlined some of the indoor public places in which the governor’s executive order would require a mask:

“Grocery stores, fitness organizations, pharmacies, public transportation, personal service providers — massage therapists, nail salons — restaurants, bars, breweries, pubs, etc. Any ride-sharing services, entertainment facilities, swimming pools, other indoor venue operators. In office spaces, if someone is not able to keep six feet apart from someone who doesn’t live in your own household, you should absolutely be wearing a mask. If you’re in an office space that is smaller then that is a reasonable thing to do.”

There are some exemptions, she said. You don’t have to do it when you’re eating or drinking or doing strenuous exercise. Children under 12 are not required to wear a mask, nor people who have medical reasons for not wearing one. he also said there is no truth to the myth that CO2 builds up in masks. 

In other actions, county commissioners voted to extend the declaration of emergency through October 21, to match that of the state, and Forest Service administrator Lynn Burditt announced the both the Oregon Department of Forestry and the US Forest Service were implementing fire restrictions in the gorge as the season is upon us.