Officials: Oregon could reach 900 new COVID-19 cases a day

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — Oregon had a record 281 new confirmed coronavirus cases Wednesday,  but officials predict that the increase may become much steeper during the next month, potentially reaching 900 new cases per day. In addition, health officials said daily admissions to hospitals could increase from eight people per day to 27.  Oregon has had five straight weeks of case growth, reaching nearly 9,000 total confirmed coronavirus cases Wednesday. 

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  1. Every last Oregon news outlet has been announcing we’re increasing testing. Even the CDC says that leads not to increased infection but only increased number of people who had it at some point.

    Nowhere does Brown explain where this estimate is coming from. How could she possibly know that new cases are going to increase? How does she know who is sick and who is not? Did they test for any other virus?

    It’s a lie, meant to scare us all.

    The last two flu seasons, one saw over 500 deaths, one saw 14,000 infections.

    Brown is out of control with her state of terror and we must stop her immediately. She’s steering us right back at the cliff, don’t we know better at this point?

    At this point it’s clear: she must be recalled.

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