Washington Face Covering Directive starts today, law enforcement speaks out

What is Washington Law Enforcement’s thoughts on the subject of the Face Covering directive? This press release is from the Washington State Patrol:

Olympia — Washington law enforcement agencies continue to focus on education and engagement regarding state orders related to the coronavirus crisis. The statewide face covering order is a public health and safety measure. It is not a mandate for law enforcement to detain, cite or arrest violators but rather an evidence-based and safety-focused directive meant to slow the spread of a potentially deadly disease.

WSP will continue to communicate with and encourage all Washingtonians to make safety-focused decisions and follow all health-based directives from the Governor as well as state and local health officials.

Together, we will continue to address the very real public health threat of COVID 19, as we also work to safely reopen our economic, social and civic systems.

We trust our residents, businesses, elected leaders, health officials, and each other to do what is necessary during this unique time of shared medical vulnerability and gradual return to social and economic normalcy.

This next press release is from Klickitat County Sheriff Bob Songer:

On Tuesday, June 23, Governor Jay Inslee announced a statewide mandate requiring facial coverings in public to slow the spread of the new coronavirus, as cases again begin to rise in Washington.

The Governor Inslee’s new order takes effect Friday, June 26, 2020. According to The Seattle Times, Violation of the statewide order is a misdemeanor, Inslee said, “we don’t want to have enforcement of this.” 

Also the Seattle Times stated that Governor Inslee has made several exceptions to the new order: One of the exceptions is,  People who cannot wear a mask for medical reasons, or people when they are communicating with someone who is deaf or hard of hearing are not required to wear a mask.

The mandating of a facial mask to be worn by individuals, should be up to each individual.  The mandated wearing of the mask is unconstitutional and violates individual liberties.  

The Sheriff’s Office will not enforce, cite or arrest individuals who choose not to wear a facial mask.  If people want to wear a facial mask, then wear one.  If people do not want to wear a mask, don’t wear one.  This should be up to each individual.


  1. YES.
    Dissenting views on masks are many, and all of them cite the CDC, the WHO when they tell us specifically to not wear them and that there is no evidence proving they work.
    Oregon Dissenters and Skeptics has a new blog on wordpress with two pieces on this subject, both supported by dozens of cited sources consisting of peer-reviewed science and expert analysis by medical doctors.
    Masks hurt you in so many ways, that it should be seen as criminal to force a person to wear one for any reason. Putting one on a child is abuse.
    My body, my choice.

  2. The best descriptor for liberal respose to Chinese virus is “fear porn”

  3. Julian has nothing to do with the Website. Shannon Milburn approves the comments.

  4. ODS (Oregon Dissenters and Skeptics) just posted another story, showing that 108 studies on the effectiveness of masks were analyzed to see what the general consensus is.

    They found there’s NO evidence proving that masks are effective at preventing virus transmission or infection.


    If you have evidence, 108 studies, showing masks work, share it, otherwise you have to admit that masks don’t work.

    Drop the mask. The life you save may be your own!

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