Klickitat County COVID-19 Update

Media Release

June 17, 2020, at 5:00 PM

Update on Phase 2

KLICKITAT COUNTY – The Emergency Operations Center in Unified Command with the Klickitat County Public Health Department wants to thank you for continuing to work together as a community and care for each other. We are seeing more of you wearing masks in public, keeping physical distance while in public, and sanitizing your hands before and after going into public places. Our restaurants are opening with additional health precautions being taken and we see people enjoying themselves again but in a safe manner. We understand the difficulties of wearing a mask and having to physically distance ourselves, however it is the only way to protect our loved ones and community members that are vulnerable to this virus. We are hearing from our local senior citizens that they are concerned about going out in public but that when they see you wearing your mask they are very thankful that you care about their health. So from all of them and from all of us Thank You!

We are currently in phase 2 of the Safe Start Plan and we have seen a steep increase in cases since entering this phase on June 1st. With 8 new cases in the last week, we are now at 52 total cases with 2 people hospitalized and 15 additional people still in isolation. The current cases are spread throughout the county and across all of the age groups, including young children. To view the county case tracker go to our webpage at http://klickitatcounty.org/1187/covid-19.

This virus can affect all of us. Wearing a mask is about more than protecting yourself, it is about caring and having compassion for protecting others.

The long term effects of this virus are still being learned. It is going to take time for the researchers to understand all of the effects it can and will have on the body. Keep in mind that good hygiene including wearing a mask are behaviors that are learned. It takes practice to get in the habit of good hygiene such as hand washing, wearing a mask and keeping physical distance. Keep the positive attitude and please call a neighbor, friend or relative and check in with them. We are in this together.

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  1. Thank you for publishing a cautionary stance that keeps the needs of others in mind.

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