Real recycling returns to Wasco County; Commission meeting 06-17-20

Wasco County Commissioners met in a regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday, June 17. As has become a regular practice, the meeting started with a report on the pandemic from Teri Thalhofer and Dr. Mimi McDonell from the North Central Public Health District. After sharing that Wasco County was at 42 cases, Hood River County at 83, Sherman County with one case, long since cured and Gilliam County with none, Dr. McDonnel mentioned the largest outbreak in Oregon so far.
“Over the weekend, Union County had approximately 22 people who tested positive for COVID-19,” she said. “Now they have 240. it’s felt to be linked to a couple of weekend events at a church where people were in very close contact and not wearing masks.” She said five people had been hospitalized there.
Lynn Burditt of the Forest Service announced a few popular spots in the Gorge have reopened, including the Dog Mountain trailhead in Skamania County, Viento Campground, operated by the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, and Wyeth Campground, operated by the Forest Service. She said many of the trails and parks in the waterfall corridor will remain closed, including Vista House at Crown Point.
Real recycling will be returning to The Dalles. Nicole Bailey of the Solid Waste Advisory Committee said that the group has worked out a way to adjust the menu of what will be accepted for recycling that will allow The Dalles to resume the program instead of dumping everything in the landfill.
Things that would not be accepted for recycling, she said, are paper milk cartons, waxy papers, certain kinds of plastic and scrap metal. 
To absorb part of the costs, a 2.16 percent surcharge would be added to the monthly garbage bill. That amounts to approximately 32 cents a month for a 30-gallon can, with the larger size at just 56 cents a month. Commissioner Steve Kramer pointed out that Waste Management company was absorbing some of the additional expense as well.
Councilors also heard reports on insurance coverage for the county and postponed a request to issue a proclamation opposing proposed changes to the Columbia River Gorge Management Plan that would limit any expansion of an urban area in the Gorge to a lifetime total of 20 acres or 1 percent of the area in the urban area, whichever is smaller.  That topic will be taken up as an extra item at next Wednesdays weekly pandemic update meeting at 9 am. 

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  1. Propaganda.

    Official CDC data current for today, June 18, says America has experienced about 40,000 more deaths of all causes over last year. So where exactly are these “new” cases or deaths coming from??

    And without any scientific evidence or even direct observation these people are saying not wearing a mask was the cause of infection. Can you prove this definitively with empirical evidence to support that particular case of infection? No, you are making an assumption based on another false assumption, that being masks are effective at stopping transmission. And how do you know it wasn’t an infection from touching an infected surface rather than airborne? No evidence = bad science!

    Here’s some science and real information:

    Current science (look it up!) shows that 60% of us are naturally immune. Dozens of sources for decades have declared masks to be ineffective time and time again, and even now Dr. Fauci has to openly admit they are not 100% effective, and yet our various leaders ordering masks bizarrely cite studies in which the authors all clearly state in the text of those studies that they could not prove masks are effective. They are actually harmful, and there is a mountain of evidence explaining why. Do a search, it’s scarier than the virus.

    THE BIG NEWS: we now know the unexpected mass nursing home deaths are responsible for, according to current data coming out, 50% of deaths, and in some estimates more like 65%. If you remove those from the total deaths you get a clear picture of the TRUE community spread.

    So take 65% off the about 120,000 (June 18 estimate) and you get 42,000. Very very simple grade school math! If Birx is right we’ve overcounted deaths by 25%, then we take it down to a very manageable 31,000 deaths. In either case, the CDC classifies that as a “mild” flu. 2018-2019 influenza killed 60,000 and was classified “moderate”.

    When the CDC says we’ve only had 40K excess deaths this year, and the above math agrees, then we are facing a nothing virus that won’t bother most of us.

    The only threat we ever faced from this was the lunatic fear campaign our media and governments would unleash upon us. Now we know the truth and, most importantly we know to stop listening to the media and the government.

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