Increase in COVID-19 Cases

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect all residents of our region, whether it is directly through illness, or indirectly due to all of the challenges and sacrifices associated with staying away from work, school, family and friends. We all are struggling with loss and the anxiety associated with an uncertain future. I suspect there is not one among us who does not wish for this crisis to be over.

Since mid-May, we have increased our interactions with one another. Not surprisingly, in the past two weeks there has been a resultant increase in the rate of new cases of COVID-19 among Wasco County residents. We have not seen an increase in the rate of hospitalizations related to COVID-19 in our county although this increase is occurring statewide in Oregon.

In Wasco County some of the rate increase is due to exposures that have occurred at workplaces experiencing outbreaks; however we continue to see infections arise in individuals with no known exposure. At North Central Public Health District, we are diligently contacting all residents who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and obtaining information regarding close contacts from home, work and social settings.

We recognize the tremendous burden we are placing on residents to remain at home in isolation or quarantine, not to mention all of the other changes we are making in our daily lives.

At this time I look to the strength, grit and compassion of my fellow rural Oregonians, and our tradition of helping one another during difficult times. We can keep our elders and vulnerable members of our community safe by continuing to wear face coverings when in public, limiting social gatherings to those who live in our households, and remaining six feet or more apart from others.


Miriam D. McDonell, MD, FACOG

Health Officer, North Central Public Health District

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  1. This is pure lies.
    We have NOT seen an increase in hospitalizations worth noting in Oregon, nor in deaths, but rather merely in number of positive tests.
    This only means more people are getting tested. How many of those “increase” cases are symptomatic? How many tested positive for a past infection and are no longer contagious, meaning their positive test has no actionable value?
    And of course we know that none of the tests are 100% accurate, so what does a “positive” test mean?
    Has this doctor even asked if the increase in people going out increased the number of people finally getting tested after months of hiding in their homes?
    He is correlating the increase in positive tests with an increase in people going out in public more, but can he prove that more people going out has caused more illness and not just more testing?
    This is a pointless press release containing no information, no data, and no links to any sources supporting his claims. That the gorgenewscenter would even consider publishing this means they openly support propaganda, misinformation, and outright lies.
    The fact is that every nonbiased source of data on the virus is saying that it’s well over and there has been no second wave or surge.
    Finally, can this doctor explain why the official data from every single country, state, and city on the planet currently shows the virus peaked about two weeks BEFORE the lockdowns, and have an unnatural extension to that peak which reflects the fact that the lockdowns actually caused more virus deaths than was expected based on the modern science directing NO lockdowns– science that was abandoned purely in response to Trump’s attitude and not facts?
    Got any facts, “Doctor”, or just more fear-based propaganda and outright lies?

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