Listen or Watch: Goldendale City Council 06/15/2020

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The Goldendale City Council had one of its shortest meetings in recent memory, clocking in at just 13 and a half minutes overall. There were no presentations, action items or ordinances scheduled, just approval of the agenda, report of officers and councilors. The meeting was conducted by Mayro Pro Tem Andy Halm, as Mayor Mike Canon was out sick.

Police Chief Reggie Bartkowski gave a more detailed report on the stabbing that took place at the Corner Chevron parking lot on Thursday, June 11. He told councilors that the victim, who had been in his car at the time of the stabbing, received wounds in his right hand and forearm, who was treated and released at KVH. He said the suspect, Ricky Contreras, fled the scene, and was ultimately apprehended hiding under a double-wide trailer. He was taken into custody without incident, and lodged at the Klickitat County Jail. But before citizen tips led law enforcement there, one report directed them elsewhere, with surprising results.

“Goldendale Police received information that Contreras was hiding inside a hotel room,” Bartkowski told councilors. “but after Goldendale Police checked the room, Contreras was not there. But inside that hotel room there were a few people with arrest warrants, who were taken to Klickitat County Jail. There names were Alex Sherff and Ruly Gahagan.”

Bartkowski praised the cooperation of the Klickitat County Sheriff’s Office and the Washington State Patrol, as well as numerous citizens who reported in. He also noted that, in response to a petition to defund the Klickitat County Sheriff’s office, the Goldendale City Police had received an outpouring of support from citizens and local businesses.

City Manager Larry Bellamy reported on the latest revenue information. He said the report that came out in May showed revenues from March, just as the coronavirus shutdowns began. At that point, retail sales tax revenues took a dip. 

“It is a little bit low right now,” Bellamy said. “We’re at 39 percent, and we should be at 41 or 42 percent. We’re hopeful that the revenue received from construction work at the new Klickitat County administration building is going to prop that number up a little bit.”

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  1. You guys Also found a gun that was pointed at ricky before ricky stabbed him. Did you guys take him to Jail along with ricky? No, you didn’t. Why? Cus he was white and a local?

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